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Providing Counseling to Individuals & Businesses

Howse and Thompson, P.A. is a small law firm offering great advantages. Unlike many small firms, our attorneys' collective experience is deep. We currently serve and continue to welcome individuals and family businesses as clients. We work with mid-size, privately-held family and individually owned companies in complex business and real estate transactions.

Our attorneys counsel individuals and businesses using a 360-degree approach to address all potential issues in plain language. This approach gives our clients three main results: an understanding of the issues, confidence in the advice and the ability to make necessary legal decisions.

On a practical side, you can drive right up to our office, park in front of our building (for free) and walk right in. When you get here, you will learn that we are more than a group of lawyers. We are construction law and business law consultants, family law negotiators, experienced advocates and approachable, likable people.

Areas of Practice:

  • Estate Planning/Administration
  • Corporate/Business
  • Real Estate
  • Construction
  • Family/Mediation
  • Civil Litigation